On Your Mark—Get Set—Go!

Go? Go where?

With this launch post I’m off and running in the blogosphere, but I’m running blind. What’s a blog?

Everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve listened to says a writer must have a blog – so, I now have a blog.

Here’s my plan.

I’ll be writing about writing – what I’m doing, what I’m learning, and questions I have. If I get brave, I’ll post excerpts of my debut novel that’s in revision.

I’ll write about psychology. That’s my area of serious expertise since I’ve been a psychotherapist in private practice for lots of years. Writing and psychology need a good marriage. Characters need to be believable. I think we’ve heard that.

For example – a well known movie features a mentally ill character. At the end, love conquers all, and he’s projected to get all better and live happily ever after. Sorry, but for the particular illness and the severity level at which it’s portrayed, the prognosis for happy ever after for this guy isn’t great. And the ending falls flat.

Hopefully, I can help you draw believable characters with insights into psychology and human behavior.

I’ll write about Christian faith. If I hide my faith under a bushel basket, it’s no good to anyone but me – the assumption being that I’m hiding there, too, either in miserliness or cowardice.

And I’ll write about travel. I’ve been fortunate to see some interesting and lovely places, and I’ve taken photos I’ll share.

I finished reading a novel recently, and I thought, “So what.” I didn’t like the protagonist. I didn’t care about her, even if she got in serious trouble. I disliked her so much, I didn’t care if she got out of the trouble. It’s not a good thing if our readers say, “So what.” With that in mind, I hope this blog will count for something – that you’ll get something for your time, and so will I.

What I hope YOU get from my blog.

Information. Challenged. Fun. Expand your blog community.

That’s what I hope for, too.

One of the things that has just knocked me out the deeper I’ve gotten into this writing community, is the generosity of some of the writers I’ve encountered – and I mean big names. I took a chance and emailed a couple of the biggies with a question. They answered personally! That meant a lot to me. It helped me keep the wind in my writing sails. Sharing and caring – that’s what it has to be all about.

So, if you like what you see here, please bookmark my site and join the party. Pass it on to your friends, and let’s have a BIG party!

© Cristine Eastin, 2012
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16 thoughts on “On Your Mark—Get Set—Go!

  1. Brooke

    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    You brought up an interesting point. My husband gets upset with movies that show guns shooting too many rounds. He’s an Army boy. I get upset with movies that use a HORRIBLE horsey stunt doubles. (Really? No one noticed that the horse with four white socks now has three?!) But, I’m an equestrian. You must cringe at so many movie storylines that are just, plain, unbelievable. The rest of us would never know the difference. We’re not psychotherapists.

  2. Trish

    I completely agree, one must be invested in the characters in the book, or else it is a waste of time to continue reading it! I look forward to seeing what you have to blog about – I’ve never registered on ANY blog before.


    • That makes two of us – I’ve never registered on any blog before either – so far, I think it’s kind of fun – my husband said – “great, more time on the computer” 🙂

  3. Spino

    Hi, Christine. Steve E just forwarded me a link to your blog. I have two–teamspinella on blogger is our email updates, while teamspinella on wordpress is for global care related (loosely anyway!) posts. I would love to post something on global care for you and promote your new blog also in the process. Actually I’d love to post anything you write related to global care and I’ll definitely be following your blog! Steve S

  4. Brooks

    Cris, Mabrook! We rarely read blogs, but so far I’ve found yours interesting, so I hope that will charge your battery today. Blogs are for people who either know and love you, or those looking for information (or someone’s personal idea of information) about something. You fall in the former category, so we hope it will be successful and a source of joy for all who read. Brooks and Mariane

  5. Ellen

    Way to go, Cris! Look forward to reading!

  6. Gary - the brother-in-law

    Wow! First you write a book all the way through and then you really stick your neck out and go worldwide with a blog! I have always been impressed with your courage and am proud to be a part of the “family.”
    I sincerely feel your storytelling is a gift and wish you great success. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your process.

  7. This is great Cris! The photos are fantastic and I can’t wait to read more.

  8. dorett


    I loved the write up on dessert journeys, that was very encouraging to read and strengthen my soul in this one of my times of dessert journeys. I also remember Philip, the Lord told him to go on the dessert road and there he met the Ethiopian, also Elijah what a journey he had to take all the way from the south of Israel and then back up to Damascus. This aloneness with God is very special, so much to learn it is a birthing also or there is a “birthing” and God will bring it to pass.
    Thanks again for this.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dorett. May you be blessed and given streams of hope-giving water in your dessert. What a difference an s makes. Take one away from dessert, and you’ve got a whole different experience!

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