Point of View, My Aching Back

I’m writing a novel. Well, isn’t everyone? Yes, pretty much, I think everyone is writing a novel.

But—let’s talk about Point of View. I’ve wrestled with it in this novel. I tried to get fancy and mix it up: first person for this, third person for that, limited, unlimited. Frankly, it was a mess, though I still insisted I liked the way I’d written it. I had justification for everything.

After enough feedback to “stick with one point of view” I finally got the message. Tip: listen to your reviewers!

Sooo, I started slogging through revision.

I got most of it rewritten into third person limited, but I was still hanging on to my darling (those things you can’t/won’t/hate to give up)—first person for flashback scenes. I insisted those scenes just didn’t work in third.

Then—drum roll—all was made clear. Of course it worked. Not only did it work, it was much better. The critics were right.

My angst lifted, and I happily dug into revision. Can you say “happily” and “revision” in the same sentence?

Yes, it makes me very happy when I read a better novel—that I’ve written.

Do you have any Point of View writing experiences or tips to share? I’d like to hear them.

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