Pray for the People of the Arabian Peninsula

     Cristine Eastin © 2012
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One thought on “Pray for the People of the Arabian Peninsula

  1. Pamela

    Thank you for your post, Cris. Thank the One True God for those with a burden for these people!

    Andrew Bar David Urshan, our Persian (now Iran) brother in the Lord and organizational leader until his death, often spoke of his upbringing. He loved the Name and was not detoured even after the torture and dismemberment of his own mother for her love of the Name–the only Name whereby we must be saved according to Scripture. His son Nathaniel Urshan carried on after him instilling a love for the Name–God with Us, My Salvation, Jehovah-Savior. . .yes, in English, Jesus. . .the only saving Name.

    “Reverend Andrew D. Urshan was born on May 17, 1884 in Persia, in a village called Adabjaloo. This village lay approximately four hundred miles northwest of Mt. Ararat, where Noah’s ark rested. Andrew was converted in his homeland in 1900.

    In 1902 he came to the United States, landing in Yonkers, New York. He began preaching the gospel in 1904 and remained faithful to his calling until his death sixty-three years later. In 1906, in Chicago, he witnessed a new touch of God’s sanctifying grace and a fresh divine anointing that set him on fire to win lost souls. He immediately began personal work among his fellow Assyrian people, with marked success.

    Two years later, in 1908, the Holy Ghost baptism fell upon converts in an unexpected manner in the upper room in Moody Bible Institute. This led him to seek the Lord again, with a new determination to receive this heavenly outpouring of God’s Spirit. On July 4, 1908, the Lord baptized him with the Holy Ghost, and he spoke with tongues for several hours. The Lord opened the door for Brother Urshan to not only preach in the United States, but also in the British Isles, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Persia (now Iran). During his lifetime he wrote and published at least eight books, which were widely distributed.”

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