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Book Release, “Fifty Days to Sunrise”

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Fifty Days to Sunrise is a novel of grief, family and friends, and God’s healing love.

Her life is a love story, but then…What’s a woman to do when her husband dies three thousand miles from home? Scream, cry—or run.

It’s 2003, a year and a half after her husband’s death. Fifty-three years old and alone, Lissa Maguire’s seething with grief. She has to cope, but makes a self-destructive mess of it.

Lissa’s parents ask her to spend the summer in small-town Gifford, Minnesota, helping them move to an apartment. Cleaning out the attic of her childhood home, Lissa discovers her old diaries, and her potholed road to healing begins. But when an old friend turns up, she’s confused.

Her life in shreds, Lissa desperately needs to find peace. She even wonders if God has abandoned her.

Healing a broken heart is a lot to ask–it hurts.

I hope you order Fifty Days to Sunrise, and I hope you’re blessed by it.

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